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Competitor Social Media Tool | Social Media Competitive Analysis Report | Reportial

Competitive Social Media Reporting

Analyze and track social media accounts.

Examples of Social Media Competitor Reports

Analyze your own social media account and the competition.
SEO Locale LLC

SEO Locale LLC

SEO Locale LLC

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Social Media Competitor Analysis

While you may understand the power behind social media marketing, you may not be aware that you can also use social media competitor analysis tools to help you understand how you compare to your competitors. These tools are effective for various reasons. Here's how to do social media competitor analysis and why we're the best in providing that analysis.

Powered By Experts in the Social Media Industry

Reportial is powered by SEO Locale. The company has a keen understanding of digital marketing, social media influence, and online reputation. Reportial is our passion project aimed at helping various companies understand how their social media is performing. That information can also be compared to that of their competitors. This allows them a keen insight into what they might be doing wrong.

This is how to do social media competitor analysis the easy way. Here's what else our company can offer yours and why social media competitor analysis is so important.

Your Social Media Analytics Tool

Track your success on social media while looking at your competitors success.
Image containing growth statistics chart

Growth Statistics

Track the growth of your social media accounts with data and charts. Find out what really works on your social media accounts. Stop guessing.

Historical & Future Data Projections

No need for quantum physics here. We will calculate the future growth. You will not need spreadsheets to complete a competitive analysis on social media.

Image containing account statistics from different time frames
Image containing a demo of an email report

Weekly Email Reports

You'll receive a weekly email about the progress of your tracked accounts.

Export to PDF
With a click of a button you can extract the report.
Competitor Comparison
Compare your stats with the competition. Find what works.
Benchmark your social media growth so you can plan ahead.

Understanding Your Data

At Reportial, we help businesses with social media competitor analysis tools. However, we also offer an analysis of your own data. If your company utilizes various social media platforms, it can be difficult to measure the growth of each one. More than that, it can be difficult to keep track of each individual post to see how it compares to other posts.

Our social media competitor analysis free tool lets you easily examine various data about our social media. Want to see how the post your company posted weeks ago is doing? We can show you that. Want to see if your customers prefer a certain kind of post over others? We can show you that, too.

This helps you hone your posts for the future. For example, if you receive more views and interactions on posts with images than just simple text posts, then you may want to invest more in pictures. Or if your posts of small video topics are gaining more views than pictures, then maybe you'll want to invest in more video productions.

Learning from your data allows you to make informative decisions for social media posts in the future. With a better understanding of what your consumers want to see, you can continue to drive up your follower count and interactions.

Our social media competitor analysis tools free makes it possible to grow your follower count exponentially.

Competitor Analysis Social Media Tools

Our social media reporting also helps with competitor analysis. Sometimes you can grow your business simply by learning from your competitors. While your competitors may not want to give away their secrets for free, by looking at their data, you can understand what they're doing right and wrong.

Our competitor analysis tools for social media are effective in showing their follower count, views on certain posts, and other informative data that can help your business. If the competitor does a lot of videos on certain topics, for example, you may realize that your company can do something similar but with its own spin on it.

Using our competitor analysis social media tools to understand what your business is doing wrong can be extremely beneficial. Seeing what your competitors are doing can help you change your marketing strategy, so you're still ahead of them.

Take a look at the various competitor analysis tools for social media that we offer and devise an effective marketing strategy that can grow your business.

Future Data Projections

While social media can be difficult to predict, we have it down to a science. No longer do you need to open up mile-long spreadsheets just to understand the data as it comes in. Our social media competitor analysis free tool is also capable of showing you future data projections.

Are you wondering how a certain post might grow in the near or far future? We can help you understand that. Perhaps you're wondering if your follower count will grow based on what your current post output is. We can also help you run the numbers to see how your growth will shape based on your current model.

We can also run various scenarios depending on your inputs and outputs of certain posts on certain platforms. This information can help give you an action plan for knowing what kind of posts you need to continue making and on what platforms. It can even help you understand how often you need to post.

One problem that many companies face is that they don't understand how much is enough in regard to social media posts. Infrequent posts can make consumers lose interest. Too many posts can flood them with information and burn them out from reading all of the content that you post.

We can help you find a happy medium that keeps your consumers engaged while still wanting to hear more.

Weekly Email Reports

You're a busy business owner. You don't need updates every day about how your social media is doing. That's why our social media competitor analysis tools free only gives you weekly email reports. At the end of each week, you'll receive a thorough and summarized reporting of all the social media accounts that your business has.

You'll be able to track follower growth or decline as well as understand how the week's worth of posts is doing. We can even show you a long history of posts your business has made, so you can see how new posts compare to your older ones.

This weekly informational download can help you prepare your team at the start of each week. They'll be able to devise goals with the information and make that week even more engaging. Our weekly reports give your company just enough reporting to be actionable without being clogged with too much information.

Additional Benefits and Features

Our company provides the following for yours:

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When you want information that can lead to actionable plans, you need Reportial. Stop guessing at what your competitors are doing. Contact us for more information.